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Bush Lapa

Let Bush Lapa blow your mind. It's the ingenious offroad trailer/caravan solution for the adventurer who travels off the beaten track but likes fuss-free convenience. Think light. Think 4x4. Think compact. Think queen sized bed. Think 10 minute set-up, fully equipped kitchen and long lasting rust resistance.

That is exactly what the engineers at Bush Lapa were thinking when they started developing their revolutionary offroad trailer/caravan combos. They had to be light and compact enough to look like a trailer that's just as agile as your 4x4, but engineered well enough to give you all the comfort and convenience of a caravan.

Mission accomplished...thanks to years of experience in the engineering and trailer building business and a dedicated team of engineering, management and production staff. It doesn't matter whether you use your Bush Lapa for a fast-paced offroad tour or simply want to set up camp in the outdoors. Once you have a Bush Lapa, you'll never again travel without it.

Since 2010 Bush Lapa has built up to date over 600 offroad caravans

Bush Lapa strives to be the leading manufacturer of high quality and reliable off road caravans.

To be known for our high quality off road caravans and to build an amazing Bush Lapa family world wide.

"experience His beauty"
We build off road caravans so that all our clients and their families can experience the beautiful nature that God has created for us

Physical Address

31 Alkmaar Str
Dal Josafat
Western Cape

Business Hours
Mo-Th: 07:30-17:00
Vr: 07:30-16:00
Saturday: by appointment

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