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Company History imports most of the products on this website and sell it directly to the public.

We have done so since November 2010.

Currently about 80% of the products are imported from America and Asia. The other 20% are locally manufactured or locally sourced.

Our products are carefully selected and tested before we put it on the market in order to ensure that you get the best quality available at the price.

Our online shop helps us to run our business very effectively. By making use of the online store and buying online you help to keep the prices low.

When you order online you will be able to choose between paying with a Credit Card or do an EFT or direct deposit. You will also have the option between 4 courier/postage options. Click here to see the different shipment fees. We can send most of our products anywhere in the world. Some products like offroad bumpers are just more expensive to courier than the cost of the product, but if you are willing to pay the price, we will send it.

99% of the time we will have stock and send out your order within 24 hours after we received the payment. 1% of the time it do happen that we run out of stock and you order before we could update the stock on the web site. We try our best to avoid such situations but unfortunately it does happen from time to time.

Third party products might take longer to send out, it always depends on wether the third party supplier has stock..

Who we are?

This web site belongs to Pieter Pretorius. I am also the owner of which has been around since May 2007. Just Google my name and you will see that I am not a newbie to the Internet and not just another fly by night who tries to sell goods to the public. I have been selling eBooks and other products since Dec 2000

For trade inquiries feel free to email me at

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