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Company History

In the late 1990s consolidation of various outdoor and sports outlets resulted in the creation of a dedicated chain of outdoor stores within the Moresport Group, which also owns Sportsmans Warehouse. Outdoor Warehouse was born, a company wholly focused on the core business of camping, hiking, off-road and the general open-air recreation so beloved by South Africans.

The ‘warehouse’ approach was selected in order to provide a one-stop destination store with the kind of wide, quality range that would satisfy keen local outdoor enthusiasts. However, within the size and scope of this concept, care has been taken to incorporate striking interior design, specialist ‘stations’ for the more technical products, attractive change-rooms and a general layout that’s easy and exciting to navigate.

Outdoor Warehouse stocks the major sports brands from across the globe, bringing you the latest technology as soon as it is available. We also commission excellent sports gear under our own brands, which enables us to specify features particularly suited to our market and local conditions, as well as control quality tightly.

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