About the club

The Western Cape Offroad Camping Club offers an outdoor recreation club uniquely to offroad trailer, offroad caravan and 4x4 overland vehicle owners with the inclusion of general camping in all shapes, sizes and forms. It's the Club's sole intention to bring like-minded people together developing long and lasting friendships exploring and experiencing the great outdoors of the Western Cape, South Africa and neighbouring countries with your personal preference of camping convenience from the latest offroad trailer, offroad caravan, roof top tent or ground tent sharing in similar interests, likes and dislikes through an organised structure with rules and regulations pertaining the wellbeing and enjoyment of all members.

Our Objectives

  • Build long mutually beneficial relationships whilst enjoying the great outdoors through the promotion of camping and allied activities.
  • Encourage and maintain an education to regulations governing conservation and the ecology of South Africa and neighbouring countries together with all facets of travelling and camping off road.
  • Subscribe to a constitution of likeminded members maintaining a set of agreed policies and rules set for the enjoyment of all the members.
  • Provide suitable training and workshops to adequately prepare members for local trips across national borders.
  • Arrange and facilitate camping trips in and around South Africa to different destinations.
  • Promote and foster good fellowship amongst all members of the club.
  • A comprehensive family experience with youth programs.
  • Protect value and support club sponsors.


Membership of the Club is open to all persons owning 4x4 trailers, off-road caravans, vehicles equipped with roof top tents and normal ground camping equipment, such membership is subject to an annual membership and that the member maintains a good standing with the Club. A membership will be considered a “Family membership” consisting of 2 Adults and children under the age of 18.

R500 annual membership fees will be payable when completing and submitting your membership application via EFT to the Clubs Bank Account. Your membership will be valid from the date of joining until the 31st of December in the same year. 


The Western Cape Off-Road Camping Club is: an outdoor recreation club that brings likeminded people together, people of all levels of experience to assist and encourage one another to explore the great outdoors.


Our mission is to see members embrace a community of people and impart knowledge to help one another in pushing the boundaries to explore the many exciting places within South Africa and our neighbouring countries.


Our values, ethics and morals will produce our culture, we can share the same values as other recreation clubs but our club may also be different.

  • The committee will not be adopting a culture or manufacturing one, as we grow organically with our members made up of likeminded people with similar values, ethic and morals our club culture will form the solid foundation of our club.
  • Definition of culture
    • The shared values, ethics and morals of our club members
    • Identifying the characteristics of the members in the club
  • Our culture will be our enthusiasm, style, preferences and enthusiasm for spending time in the great outdoors.
  • We can only walk together if we are agreed and you will never be happy unless you fully embrace the Western Cape Off-Road Camping Club’s foundation, if not you will be frustrated and ultimately we will be frustrated.

Partnership VS Membership

  • We see our members as partners contributing to the club and not just consuming, through;
    • Participation
    • Committed and dedicated to the growth and wellbeing of the club
    • Interdependent with the club and managing members not independent of these.
    • Loyal with a sense of pride of the culture you bring.
    • Thriving in belonging and not just being a member.

Partnership through membership opportunity;

  • Being part of a great community of likeminded people
  • A family and sense of belonging
  • Sharing of skills and knowledge
  • Developing and growing as a team player
  • Contributing to the growth of others
  • Embracing your own limitations through the motivation of others

Partnership will require

  • Your time as an active member
  • Your skills and knowledge to assist and grow other members
  • Your enthusiasm
  • Your participation

We see the following qualities being applicable to a members and partners in the Club

  • A love for the great outdoors, nature and the conservation thereof
    • A commitment to the wellbeing of all members
    • A commitment to the Chairperson and committee to the vison of the club that has no hidden agenda, strings attached or ill motives.
  • A loyalty to the club that does not entertain negativity and accusations from people but firmly distinguishes the good from bad in an effort to add value to the club and its fellow members.
  • A flexibility which is based on maturity and family values which avoids legalism and a nit-picking culture.
  • A firm set of values, morals and ethics that embraces the culture of the club.
  • An openness to change and flexibility.
  • A solution driven approach as opposed to a problem orientated agenda.
  • A desire to be a part of a community of likeminded people
  • A value system that is not driven by egotism or selfishness
  • A respect for sponsors and club associates

Final Comments

As we understand that our value system and expectations of our partners may not suit all people we recommend a 1 camp trial for new members in order to establish a suitable fit for both the new members and existing members. Should a member not wish to continue with the relationship at any stage during the annual membership it will be terminated and 50% of the membership forfeited in the first 6 months and 100% thereafter.

Western Cape Offroad Camping Club is committed to ensure that we value our vision and mission, protect a community of like minded people and ensure the enjoyment of the majority of our members.

Holding full time jobs and administrating the club certainly comes with its challenges, we make mistakes, we learn and we grow but, for the love of Camping we will remain dedicated to our loyal members.

Please do not try and change us but rather embrace the club and our wonderful community of people the club has bought together.

We really trust and hope that you will enjoy your membership with our club and welcome you.